Karya PFP

There are two strangers passing each other and suddenly they had a flashback...in the previous life they were lovers, but they were separated by force, the woman died and the last word she heard was her boyfriend said "I'll find you"...unfortunately in their second life, both of them already has spouse, so they choose to be strangers instead, because it turn out in this second life, they can't be together. But deep inside they hope their third life (reincarnation) will put them together. (The story behind a poem by Ika Nurita Novianty) --- Chasing inspiration, we follow the sunlight. Each moment of creation is followed by a process of revision, rewriting those inspired rays into the meat of poetic expression. Enjoy these fantastic poems by some of the best poets of the year. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rewrite-sunlight-various/1127210906
Poems from Indonesia and the UK by Rufus Mufasa, Irma Agryanti, Billy Letford, Mario F. Lawi, Roseanne Watt, Jamil Massa. The Indonesia - UK Poetry Indigenous Language Exchange is a project conceived by the British Council, Makassar International Writers Festival, Contains Strong Language and Wrecking Ball Press to enable cultural and linguistic exchange between poets from East Indonesia and the UK. This project also celebrates UNESCO Year of Indigenous Language. This project is part of the broader programme of events for the Indonesia Market Focus at London Book Fair and is supported by the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture, the Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf) and the Indonesia National Book Committee. http://wreckingballpress.com/product/i-am-both-stranger-and-of-this-place/
Anjing Gunung adalah bentuk hubungan antara tangkapan visual dan teks. Hubungan ini membuatku merasa seakan-akan ada sesuatu yang muncul di tengah kesimpangsiuran; sebuah pemahaman bahwa puisi sesungguhnya merayakan apa-apa yang hadir dari segala ruang sekaligus menampakkan detail-detail lain. Detail-detail yang cenderung klise dan bukan perkara yang diperhitungkan. Tapi puisi memunculkannya sehingga kebermaknaannya memiliki peluang yang lebih luas. Puisi bagiku adalah keberartian non praktis, seperti kerlip bintang atau warna ungu pada bunga putri malu. Irma Agryanti https://books.google.co.id/books/about/Anjing_Gunung.html?id=QKywDwAAQBAJ&redir_esc=y